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Vision and Priorities


Our vision is the dream we have for the life we want to

lead and world we want to live in… living in mission

with Christ, known for our changed lives

and caring relationships.


  1. Description: ingerprint Fingerprints...we leave them everywhere.

They tell a story, our story, as people and as a church. Fingerprints reveal that we have been there because part of us has been left behind. Our fingerprints reveal the fact that we have touched people's lives, communities and organizations.

Our new ministry priorities for the coming years will require that our hands get dirty, our hearts love more deeply and our spirits act courageously. It will require sacrifice, reprioritizing and commitment. We must "stand firm in one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel" (Phil 1:27). And when we do, together we will see the power of God and His gospel. 

Here is an overview of our ministry priorities.


                                          To advance our vision over the coming years, our hope is. . .



Description: issionalWorship in a way that renews and inspires, echoing the praise of       heaven;

Being rooted in prayer, because prayer is part of our loving response to the needs of the world;

Confident and sensitive evangelism, responding to Jesus’ call to      share our faith in word and deed;

Lifelong Christian nurture , because our mission overflows from our

own discipleship;





Description: elational

Self-giving service to the community, because the Church is called to be local and outward looking;

The welcome of newcomers , helping those who come close to the church to feel welcomed and cherished by God;

Becoming child friendly, following our Lord’s example of putting children at a central place in His ministry;

Celebration of people and places, because godly celebration is at the heart of the gospel;




Description: ransformational

We seek to expand the mission of Christ by increasing our participation with God in His transformational work both personally and in others;

 Encouraging people to meet God in prayer through regular worship;

Develop spiritual growth to support a person investigating Christ, a new believer, and people further along in their faith journey;

Lives and communities transformed, through the Good News of Jesus Christ.