What is Baptism?

Baptism marks the moment that someone becomes a member of the church. Adults make their own commitment and promises but for children, those promises are made on their behalf by parents and Godparents.

To read more about baptism see: http://www.churchofengland.org/weddings-baptisms-funerals/baptism.aspx

How do I arrange a baptism?

To start the process, contact the Revd. Canon David Jennings revdavidjennings@talktalk.net or
01455 698805 or Revd. Julia Hargreaves julia.hargreaves1@btinternet.com or 01827 881 389

to arrange a suitable service for the Baptism. After that a member of the Pastoral Team will arrange to visit you and answer any questions you might have. You will need to complete an application form during the visit.

What does it cost?

Baptism is free.


The role of Godparents is to speak on behalf of the infant being baptised, to support the parents in bringing up the child as a Christian within the family of the Church. In order they can fulfil their role Godparents need to be able to make the declarations and promises in the baptism service, which is why the Church of England requires all Godparents to be baptised themselves and normally to be confirmed as well (or the equivalent if they are members of a Christian denomination other than the church of England).