St Peter's Parish Church Hall

Market Bosworth




Hire charges

Conditions of hire

Car parking



The hirer is responsible for supervision of the premises, the fabric and the contents, and for the behaviour and safety of all persons using the premises including car parking arrangements.  The hirer is further responsible for any and all equipment etc. brought into the premises for the purposes of the hire, and for the insurance as necessary thereof.  An Accident Book is located in the First Aid Box at the rear of the Hall and an Incident Book for recording any problem or repair required is located in the Kitchen.

The hirer must not use the premises for any purpose other than that described in the Hiring Agreement, must not sub-let the premises, and must not permit the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose.

The hirer is responsible for obtaining any licence(s) or permission(s) necessary for the purposes of the hire.  (Attention is drawn to the provisions of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries; the sale of intoxicating liquor; the Children Act 1989; Fair Trading Laws; and matters relating to public health and safety.)

The hirer is responsible for making arrangements to insure as necessary against any third party claims arising whilst using the premises, and hereby indemnifies the Management Committee of the premises for the cost of repair of any damage occurring as a result of the hire to any part of the premises or its contents.  (The premises are insured against claims arising from the negligence of the Management Committee.)

The hirer shall not bring into the premises any heating appliance(s) or appliances using or causing an open flame without written permission.

The hirer shall not permit animals or birds (with the exception of guide or help dogs) to be brought into the premises without written permission.

The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking.  In this unlikely event, provided that the decision is not caused by action or omission of the hirer, any monies paid by the hirer would be returned in full but the Management Committee will not be liable to make any further payment to the hirer.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the premises are vacated promptly at the end of the hire period, leaving the premises in a clean and tidy condition and with any contents replaced in the locations from which they were taken.  On leaving the premises, the hirer must ensure that the fire doors are properly secure, the lights (except the emergency lighting) switched off throughout the building, the front door secured on the Yale lock, and that all items of equipment, etc. (including waste materials) brought in for the purposes of the hire are removed from the premises (reasonable amounts of rubbish may be placed in the correct bins at the side of the hall). 

The hirer shall ensure as far as possible that the minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure.  This is of particular importance for late evening bookings.

Park Street is a public road and must not be obstructed by car parking.  In particular, vehicles must not be parked on both sides of the road where it narrows, as this prevents the passage of buses and coaches.  A Public Car Park is available in Rectory Lane.  The drive at the side of the hall is the access to the property at the rear, and must not be obstructed.

Smoking is not permitted in the hall nor in the children’s play areas to the side and rear of the hall.

The hirer is responsible for being aware of the location of fire escape routes and fire equipment, and for ensuring that fire exits remain unobstructed at all times.

The hall is let as a basic room with use of the kitchen facilities.  If required and noted on the Booking Form, chairs and tables can be provided without additional charge (but see Conditions of Hire §6).  Items of hall furniture and equipment must not be removed from the premises without the written permission of the Management Committee.

Should the hirer have any problems during the booking, contact should be made with one of the key holders displayed on the notice board in the foyer.  However, there is no-one on call during the period of a booking, and the Management Committee makes no undertaking that anyone can be available at any time.  Matters outside the period of the hire should be taken up with the Bookings Secretary.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the capacity of the hall is not exceeded.  This is:

  • Closely seated - 180
  • Seated with dancing - 120
    Seated at tables - 100
  • Disco - 150