St Peter's Parish Church Hall

Market Bosworth




Hire charges

Conditions of hire

Car parking



Please note that the area in front of the side doors (next to the refuse bins) is available for temporary loading and unloading only.  We have received complaints that vehicles are being left for long periods, which is in contravention of Health and Safety regulations and of the Hall’s Terms and Conditions of use.  These unattended vehicles impede a designated emergency Fire Exit from the building and/or block access to the ramp used by disabled people.

We have to advise that if this practice continues the facility to use the area even for loading/unloading will have to be removed to ensure the safety and convenience of users of the Parish Hall.

There are usually on-street parking spaces on Park Street (less so on Wednesdays, being Market Day): alternatively there is a public car park off Rectory Lane.

Thank you for helping us to maintain fair and safe use of the Hall for everyone.